17 janvier 2007

Piña colada and black olives tapenade (Blog party #18)

The game « Blog party » is not very recent but this is the first occasion I have to participate. The point is to share prepare a drink and an appetizer. For the 18th edition, the theme is Black & White. It made me think of a classic coconut-based cocktail, piña colada ; and a black olives tapenade.

Piña colada

Serves 1
Preparation time : 2 min
Cooking time : none

Difficulty : Very easy

10 cl pineapple juice
5 cl rum
5 cl coconut milk

Blend the ingredients.
Strain into a glass, add an icecube and serve.


Black olives tapenade

Serves 6
Preparation: 15 min
No cooking

Difficulty: very easy

200 g (1/2 lbs, 7 oz) black olives, pitted
1 clove garlic
2 fillets of anchovy
1 tbsp capers
1 tbsp olive oil

Mix olives, rinsed anchovies, capers and garlic clove separately. Combine all in a bowl and add olive oil.
Refrigerate until using.
Serve with fresh bread or toasts.

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3 commentaires:

Mayacook a dit…

I love everythnig: the idea, the colors, the flavours you chose! Yummy!

vanessa a dit…

un copain nous a fait récemment des pina colada avec de la crème de noix de coco, c'est divin, bien plus crémeux (forcément) qu'avec le lait, et peut être même bien plus goûteux car j'ai l'impression que la crème "goûte" plus que le lait !

Anonyme a dit…

It looks delicious! J'adore les pina coladas.