13 octobre 2006

Torti with zucchini and sage (Monthly Mingle #5)

Meeta hosts Monthly Mingle #5; this month’s theme is Take Two. She has picked two ingredients, zucchini and sage with which we have to create a dish.
My contribution is a sauce for pasta.

Torti with zucchini and sage

Pour 2 pesonnes
Préparation : 15 min
Cuisson : 25 min

300 g torti
1 onion
2 zucchinis
5 tbsp tomato sauce
sage leaves
salt, pepper
olive oil

Directions :
Mince the onion. Cook it in a pan over gentle heat with some olive oil until soft. Add the diced zucchinis.
Add salt and pepper to taste and allow to cook for about fifteen more minutes until the zucchinis are tender.
Meanwhile, cook the pasta al dente.
Add the tomato sauce and chopped sage leaves to the zucchinis; stir well. Drain the pasta, cover with sauce.

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